Editor's Choice: January 30, 2012 - AlbumArtExchange Blog

Editor's Choice: January 30, 2012

Below are 10 noteworthy album covers that were posted to the AAX gallery last week. They were selected simply because I found them to be interesting or a valuable addition to the gallery. They are listed in no particular order.

Posted by: Da Guy
bstrei-albums.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Vocephus
creede-greenr_08.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Vocephus
damned-damned_12.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Da Guy
epresl-elvisp_11.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Vocephus
gnuman-dance1_02.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Da Guy
jdenve-againh.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Scott
jmitch-dogeat_03.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: zeefritz
mvcmgc-ssss.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Scott
pgabri-hit_06.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: Vocephus
social-mommys_05.jpg buy_now_240.gif
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