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Alien astronauts sue Madonna over album cover

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Two alien visitors from the planet Erotulak have filed a lawsuit in a California Superior Court against pop music superstar Madonna over a photograph that was used for her 2003 EP Remixed & Revisted (below). This is the third case involving a dispute over permission to use the likeness of a private individual on an album cover this year.

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The aliens, Glorp and Gleep, are shown strolling in the background of the photograph in question as Madonna glances over her shoulder. Apparently, the visitors from the largely unknown planet in a neighboring gallaxy were not aware that they had been photographed. They discovered the album cover when a copy of the album was delivered to Erotulak in an order that took seven years to travel to the distant world.

The case is being handled by popular entertainment and civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

"My clients may be aliens who arrived on this planet illegally," said Allred at a press conference in Century City, California. "But they have rights just like everyone else. They were exploited by Madonna and the music industry. We will see justice for Glorp and Gleep and all aliens currently being exploited in the United States."

Madonna and her attorneys refused to comment on the pending lawsuit.

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I have also read that Ms. Allred is representing Hello Kitty. Ms. Kitty alleges that twenty years ago, she was nearly eaten by Gordon Shumway.

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