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Rihanna's album cover revealed

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rihann-ratedr_02.jpgPop culture blog PopEater revealed the cover of Rihanna’s forthcoming album Rated R today. According to a poll accompanying the article, 54% of those who have so far voted hate it. I have to count myself among them.

A few days ago, I posted an image that appeared on Amazon.com as the cover art for Rated R (right). That image has now been replaced with the photo from Rihanna’s Russian Roulette single. I am somewhat disappointed that the simple graphic was not used for the cover.

PopEater interviewed German fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who briefly described working with Rihanna.

The ‘Rated R’ cover was shot by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who says that “Rihanna was looking to create something a bit new for the look of the album.”

Von Unwerth goes on to say that Rihanna is “so beautiful, sweet and tough at the same time — and a pleasure to shoot,” adding that she’s “fantastic to work with — very giving, very creative, very involved in every aspect of the shoot, and ready to push the boundaries.

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dross-eatena.jpgThe problem with this cover is that it does not look “new” or push any boundries. It reminds me of something Diana Ross would have done in 1985. All Rihanna needs is a string of pearls and a tiger skin rug.

Ellen von Unwerth is known for her photographs that simulate erotica of the 1950s. The Rihanna cover looks as if she has jumped ahead a few decades and into an era that most of us view with a hint of embarrassment. I cansee why a majority of those polled do not like this album cover.

Even the cool metallic “R” logo has been reduced to a blurry, ’80s-looking symbol in the top right corner. Rated R is scheduled for release on November 23. So, there’s still time to change this cover. Let’s hope the folks at Def Jam are listening.

400-rihanna2.jpg buy_now_400.gif

UPDATE: AAX blog reader Lindy just sent in the following graphic with message:

Let me be the first to do the obvious Photoshop for this album cover. I am certain that it won’t be the last one we will see like this. What was that photographer thinking?


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Thanks for posting my Photoshop. As for the bondage erotica themes, didn’t Madonna beat this to death with in the 1990s?

There’s nothing new about this. Why would they use a German photographer who is so far behind the times? Those people still like David Hasselhoff!

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