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Over the past few days, I’ve noticed that a significant number of visitors to the AAX blog came here via a Google search for singer-songwriter Kate Earl. I’m not sure what has sparked the sudden interest in this talented performer, but I’m happy to give my readers what they’re looking for.

Earl recently announced on her blog that her single Melody is going to be the free download of the week on iTunes beginning August 18.

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My single “Melody” will be available as a free download, it is Itunes single of the week starting August 18th. The entire album will release that day! Woo hoo!

I already own her EP Introducing Kate Earl. It came out a couple of months ago. The covers for both the EP and the album have been uploaded to the AAX gallery. I have also posted a video that features Earl performing Melody live.

Since this is a blog about album cover art, I have to put in my two cents about the covers for the EP and the album. Kate Earl is uncommonly beautiful. If I were designing covers for this artist, I would only use the best headshots money can buy. Forget about multi-colored special effects and staged bedroom locations. This artist’s face could easily sell a million albums (see my recent article about Madonna). Her label needs to recognize that.

Posted by: zeefritz
kearl-introd_02.jpg buy_now_240.gif
Posted by: zeefritz
kearl-kateea_02.jpg buy_now_240.gif

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Hummmmm… I do like the “multi-colored special effects” cover. It instantly caught my attention when it was uploaded to AAE gallery a couple weeks ago.

I have the “Fate Is the Hunter” album. It’s indeed very good (I can almost never resist an album with a beautiful woman on the cover). I still like the new cover. I think it’s eyecatching and intriguing. I also expect the new album to be even better than “Fate is the Hunter”. As for the search traffic, I think it’s because it seams it’s the only one in the first results with the image of “Kate Earl” album (the multicolored face).

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