Variations on a Theme: Dice

In this recurring feature, we look at albums that use a similar theme. In some cases, the images used are surprisingly similar. Here are a few examples of album covers that feature dice.

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kperry-waking_04.jpg buy_now_245.gif Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
Posted by: macman4hire
badcom-straig_04.jpg buy_now_245.gif Bad Company - Straight Shooter


The album covers above are separated by 34 years and yet they are both rolling lucky seven. There are many other examples of album covers that feature dice as a main object.

harper-whitel.jpg     belly-king.jpg


Then, we have “fuzzy” dice — the kind that people hang from their rearview mirrors.

3manis-jackth.jpg     civ-setyou.jpg


Once again, this goes to show that there are very few “original” concepts left when it comes to album cover art. How well those concepts are executed is another matter.

Do you know of a variation on a theme and would like to see it covered here? If so, leave a comment. Remember, guitars, human skulls, and automobiles are the most common objects found on album covers. We’re looking for something a bit more obscure.

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